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Francis Beasley


Francis is best known for some of his self developed apps that were highly successful during the early stages of the App Store in particular one of the top grossing Torch apps in the App Store. Francis has spent the last 9 years creating apps exclusively for the iOS and macOS platform for the world’s most successful apps.

Francis Beasley

Daren David Taylor

Daren has been involved in mobile app development since the year 2000 when he started creating apps for the first wave of mobile devices such as Palm and Symbian, he too was lucky enough to jump onto the iOS bandwagon early on and has specialised in helping large companies and founders solve real problems with apps. Daren has a passion for the Lean Startup methodology and applies those principles to developing apps.

Daren David Taylor

Some Apps that we have worked on

Nike+ Fuelband App

Memrise App

RBS Banking App

Premier League App

  • Having problems getting your app finished?

    We are used to getting an app over the finishing line and have had over 17 Apple’s App of the week, so we know what is required and how to make it really pop.

  • Does your App still have bugs or crashing frequently?

    We know how to use Apple’s best practices to inherently avoid unnecessary bugs. Good knowledge in app flow and wireframes will iron out the rest.

  • App not matching designs?

    Through years of matching designs and custom UI we are perfectionists when it comes to getting that design and animation ‘pixel perfect’

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Success Driven Development

Memrise had fallen behind their timelines by 9 months and had gone over budget. There were some major bugs and crashes, which we came in sorted out, got the design sorted and signed off.

Their app was released just 2 months after we came onboard and became one of Apple’s App of the week and it has gone from strength to strength.

Memrise App

SortLegal needed a specialist in building a white label app for messaging and keeping track of documents. We were hired to build these apps and get a stable codebase to be easily built upon for future versions. Using Apple’s best practices and wireframes we inherently avoided major bugs or crashes.

These were setup and released after just 9 weeks.

    • Q.How come it seems like we take 1 step forward and 2 steps back?

      A.In development a lot can feel like this, however this is a sure sign that your team are falling behind and need extra help to get over the line.

    • Q.We fixed that bug how come it is back?

      A.Bug regressions happen all the time, unit tests and behavioural tests help to reduce the regression. Without these though a lot of time has to be spent on testing old flows and bugs that have already been fixed.

    • Q.Why isn’t it like the designs?

      A.Some developers find it hard to get the app to look exactly the same as the designs, this is a learnt skill to really care and take pride in your work to get it looking perfect.

    • Q.How hard is it to change this to a new design?

      A.Changing the design of an app can have major repercussions on the speed of development, and if it could change again it could be time wasted until the final version is signed off.

    • Q.Our investors want it out next week, how can that happen?

      A.Totally understandable, a look at the current build of the app and reducing the amount of features and focusing on bugs is the right course of action at this point.

    • Q.Is it better to reduce the number of features to get it out quicker?

      A.In a simple answer yes, it is better to get your app out and in the hands of users as soon as you can. How they use it and the priorities of your features will probably change once you see how your app is used.

    • Q.What can we do to get Apple to promote us?

      A.The best way is to use Apple controls and support their devices like Apple Watch and iPad as well as iPhone.

    • Q.Now we are months over due is it better to continue or cut the features and release?

      A.Yes, not releasing will just demoralise the team and allow any competitors to get an edge. It also gives you a goal and a date to finish the first version.

    • Q.How come changing a feature is so difficult, it looks like a small change

      A.Sometimes things that look like small changes can require huge amounts of work on the code. Especially if a 3rd party component has been included, just a simple reorder of the control could be a weeks worth of work.

    • Q.Does having more features gain you more customer retention?

      A.Not necessarily some of the most successful apps in the appstore have one main feature. Think of Snapchat or What’s App, these are both really polished and have a limited selection of features.

    • Q.We don’t have time to do everything correct, It just needs to be out.

      A.Of course it may seem like this at the start, however if I told you that almost every company that has said this had delays in the magnitudes of weeks to their app, it would change your mind and at least give your team the best chance.

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